Vertical Veg.

I was delighted to meet the founder of Vertical Veg. Mark Ridsdill Smith recently when he came to demonstrate how to grow herbs in containers (on our road!). The Session took place on our street as part of the greening Wingrove initiative. I had already visited mark’s inspirational website and read about his amazing balcony  so it was  a joy to have him arrive, unload his van with lovely herbs and teach us all about them! I now have a lovely Roman Chamomile thriving in our front garden. I will also be working with Mark as a collaborator on a ‘Gardener’s Daughter’. Watch this space…



A bit more about Mark taken from his website

“My name is Mark Ridsdill Smith and I’m the founder of Vertical Veg. I started Vertical Veg because I think food growing can change cities for the better. And, after making lots of mistakes, I also want to share all that I’ve learnt about container growing as widely as possible.

Unusually, I focus entirely on growing food in containers. This means that know at first hand the challenges (and benefits) you face in growing without a garden. I started my growing in London on a balcony, and now I have a container garden in our concrete backyard in Newcastle (UK).

My own growing achievements have appeared on national television (the Alan Titchmarsh Show and Love Your Garden on ITV), on BBC London, in national newspapers (including the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph), and in many gardening magazines and websites. My London balcony has featured in at least six books published in the UK, Japan, Canada and Austria.”

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